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The Postgraduate School of Dentistry is committed to providing a fair complaints and appeals process and respects the right of stakeholders to lodge complaints and requests for appeals about decisions. The principles of natural justice and procedural fairness will be adopted at each stage of the complaint and appeal process and all people involved will be treated with courtesy and respect. The lodgement of a complaint or a request for an appeal will not disadvantage any stakeholder in their dealings with The Postgraduate School of Dentistry.

Full details of The Postgraduate School of Dentistry’s Complaints Policy & Procedure is available in the Student Handbook, which is available from this website.

A complaint and appeal may be lodged by completing and submitting the Complaint & Appeals Form “”Requesting Re-issuance of Documentation” If a Qualification, Statement of Attainment or Record of Results is misplaced or damaged, the learner or past learner may request the re-issue of the misplaced or damaged document by accessing, completing and submitting the Request for re-issuance of documentation.

For privacy reasons, the request must be made by the learner (or past learner) and the original or a certified copy of one of the following identification documents must be provided:

  • Driver’s licence; or
  • Passport; or
  • Australian Birth Certificate;

or if the learner (or past learner) doesn’t have any of the above, the following will be accepted:

  • Naturalisation Certificate (Australian Citizenship); and a Current Green Medicare Card

The following fee applies for the re-issuance of documentation:

Statement of Attainment$30
Record of Results$30

Certification documentation will usually be issued within 10 calendar days of a complete request being submitted provided:

  • payment has been received, and
  • entitlement to the documentation has been confirmed – the learner (or past learner) requesting the documentation is the learner (or past learner) to whom the documentation was originally issued.

“Mechanisms to Reduce Fraudulent Reproduction”

The following measures are in place to reduce fraudulent reproduction of AQF certification documentation issued by The Postgraduate School of Dentistry:

Documentation includes:Qualification testamurStatement of AttainmentRecord of Results
Unique student IDXXX
Physical signature of authorised personXXX
Unique 10 digit sequence numberXXX
Printed on other than ordinary white copy paper*XXX

This information has been included here for anyone who may be unsure if they have been presented with authentic certification documentation issued by The Postgraduate School of Dentistry.

Please contact The Postgraduate School of Dentistry if, after considering the above information, you have un-resolved doubts about the authenticity of certification documentation presented to you.