10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics
(Sequential Aligner Therapy)

New to Clear Aligner Therapy?

Experienced with Clear Aligners?

2019 course now includes:

New to Clear Aligner Therapy?

The 10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy) qualification will provide you with an armamentarium of practical skills and experience to produce world class facial aesthetic and orthodontic outcomes.

Experienced with Clear Aligners?

Fast track your 10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy) qualification in as little as 4 months* with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

 * course duration may vary depending on individual circumstances.

* Terms and Conditions

 1. Offer valid until 31 October 2019.

2. Each GDAO enrolment includes enrolled participants with 3 case vouchers to use upon each submission of an Invisalign case through the Postgraduate School of Dentistry’s Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS).

3. Voucher codes are valid for 6 months upon enrolment.

4. Each ClinCheck where a voucher has been applied must be approved within 90 days of submission or the case will be cancelled and a cancellation fee applies.

5. $750 worth of Free SAT Clinical Support and Treatment Planning. The 2019 Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Orthodontics (GDAO) course now includes enrolled participants with SAT Clinical and Treatment Planning support for 5 cases free of charge valued at $750.

The Postgraduate School of Dentistry (PGSD) provides treatment planning services for a fee of $150 per case where support is provided from initial case assessment to Clincheck/Software treatment planning to case monitoring/troubleshooting and finally, retention advice.  The GDAO course has been developed to train dentists to use any SAT product which includes Invisalign, ClearCorrect and other SAT systems.  As Invisalign offers to treat cases of all ranges from simple to complex and provides the most up to date aligner features; a large number of cases treated with this system is presented in the course.  As an enrolled student in the GDAO course, each Invisalign case is submitted through the PGSD’s Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS) where our one-on-one mentor will assist you with each case and ensures concepts discussed [taught] is applied.