CPD EVENING PROGRAM: 29 November 2018

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“Essential skills Temporomandibular Joint Disorders for General Dentists”

Dr. Michael Stubbs

An essential CPD PROGRAM ……

TMD affects around 5-10% of the adult population. The symptoms of TMD include pain and clicking in and around the jaws and often result in difficulties with normal orofacial function, such as chewing, swallowing and speech. This course outlines the most up-to-date research and presentations from world-renowned Oral Medicine expert Dr. Michael Stubbs. This course is a must for all dentists.


This program is a must for all GPs..


  • What is bruxism?
  • What is the cause of bruxism?
  • Jaw motor system and interactions between pain and jaw motor activity?
  • Bruxism Management – splints, botox and risk factors?
  • Clinical assessment for patients with TMD including Sleep Apnoea a factor?


$118.00 + GST

3 CPD Points available

Light snacks and drinks offered

Venue: Baccarat Cafe – 16 Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay NSW 2028


We hope to see you there!