10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics
(Sequential Aligner Therapy)


Master the 3 paradigms of treatment planning in clear aligner therapy

No two patients are alike and every treatment plan must be considered on it’s individual merit. The 3 different paradigms of treatment planning are taught in detail in the 10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy).

Whether you just study our government accredited unit through our Upskill Program on treatment planning or the Elite Program which is the whole 8 Units of study, you will gain a powerful theoretical and practical understanding on how to provide every patient with a treatment plan that is suited ideally for them.

Course enrolments for 2020 now include:


TYPE:     Core

NAME:   Apply principles of orthodontics in initial patient examination
HOURS: 180

This unit provides dentists with knowledge of the fundamentals of sequential aligner therapy and the examination process in orthodontics in order to determine patient needs and to plan and monitor treatments. Areas include occlusion, malocclusion, aesthetics, the biology of tooth movement, case analysis, aetiology of orthodontic problems, how Sequential aligner therapy works, extra-oral and intraoral examination protocols and techniques as well as patient history and record taking.


TYPE:     Core

NAME:   Diagnose patient eligibility for orthodontic therapy and develop a treatment plan
HOURS: 260

This unit provides dentists with the knowledge in diagnosis and treatment planning for sequential aligner therapies. Dentists will be able to manage patient expectations, diagnose and treatment plan for patient cases ranging in complexity such as Class I and Class II malocclusions. Upon completion of this unit dentists will know what cases are unsuitable for sequential aligner therapy and when to refer cases.


TYPE:     Core

NAME:   Fit aligners and place attachments
HOURS: 195

This unit provides dentists with the knowledge and skills in aligner fit and attachments for sequential aligner therapy enabling them to deliver safe and effective Sequential Aligner Therapy (SAT) treatment. This includes the science and development of attachments, attachment types, clinical technique for attachments and troubleshooting during attachment placement. It also includes how to deliver aligners to the patient and educate them in aligner use and care.


TYPE:     Core

NAME:   Apply methods of space formation
HOURS: 185

This unit provides dentists with knowledge and skills in the methods of space formation during sequential aligner therapy. This includes rationale, calculations and modes of space formation, expansion with sequential aligners, interproximal reduction, dental proclination and distalisation, patient cases with extractions, alternative space forming methods and selection of the correct space creation method for various patient cases.


worth of

Included with your Upskills Program enrolment

Upskill Program* (Tuition Fees) 
Study Unit 1 plus 3 additional units

Australian/NZ students       AUD  $9,200

International Students        USD  $9,200

Upskill Program (4 Units):  Initial deposit of $1,500

then pay by monthly instalments of $700 (x 11 months by direct debit)

All students are issued with a Statement of Attainment for completed units, each of which are Nationally Accredited.  Completion of each unit can be used as credits to qualify for the 10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy).

Course duration may vary depending on individual circumstances

New to Clear Aligner Therapy?

The 10548NAT Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy) qualification will provide you with an armamentarium of practical skills and experience to produce world class facial aesthetic and orthodontic outcomes.

Comprehensive Study Program (8 units of study)

* Terms and Conditions

    • Offer valid until 29 February 2020.
    • Each student who enrols will receive one free Invisalign® case submission submitted through our Invisalign® Doctor Site (IDS).
    • The free case must be submitted and approved within 6 months after enrolment (if a submitted case is not approved within 90 days, cancellation fees may apply).

The Postgraduate School of Dentistry (PGSD) provides treatment planning services for a fee of $150 per case where support is provided from initial case assessment to Clincheck/Software treatment planning to case monitoring/troubleshooting and finally, retention advice.  The GDAO course has been developed to train dentists to use any SAT product which includes Invisalign, ClearCorrect and other SAT systems.  As Invisalign offers to treat cases of all ranges from simple to complex and provides the most up to date aligner features; a large number of cases treated with this system is presented in the course.  As an enrolled student in the GDAO course, each Invisalign case is submitted through the PGSD’s Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS) where our one-on-one mentor will assist you with each case and ensures concepts discussed [taught] is applied.