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About The Postgraduate School of Dentistry

Australia’s first private dental school, The Postgraduate School of Dentistry was established in 2014 to provide state of the art, accredited postgraduate qualifications for the practitioner of tomorrow. Curricula are aimed at niche areas of dentistry, principally for general dentists around the world to gain further qualifications, whereby they remain in general practice yet offer specific treatments and services which are beyond the realm of their undergraduate dental degrees.

Students obtain a prestigious, government accredited Level 8 qualification (between a Degree and a Masters), and post-nomials which distinguishes yourself in your area of study.

Learning to think differently

The Postgraduate School of Dentistry was established to provide world class education and skillsets, to enable dentists to broaden their clinical options and enhance their depth of knowledge in specific areas.

Our programs have been strategically pinpointed in selected areas of clinical practice (such as aesthetic orthodontics and oral medicine) that we believe will be even more relevant in practice of tomorrow.


Dr David Penn

Dr David Penn BDS MBA Grad Dip. Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy)

Dr. David Penn is the Head of School of The Postgraduate School of Dentistry.

He graduated from Sydney University Dental school and commenced practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He trained extensively in the United States under two of the world’s leading aesthetic dentists and in 1983 he established Southern Cross Dental Laboratories, which has grown to become regarded as one of the leading state of the art dental laboratories in the world.

Dr Penn lectures and teaches extensively, principally in the areas of aesthetic orthodontics and facial aesthetics. He has taught more than 1000 postgraduate students in the use of Sequential Aligners and Aesthetics and in January 2015, he wrote and gained accreditation for a unique post-graduate qualification in Aesthetic Orthodontics.

In 2006, he released a book “A guide to Impressions, Implants and Indirect procedures” which has been used by undergraduates and experienced dentists. Two more editions of the book have been produced, the latest in November 2014.

He also was responsible for the research and development of many unique dental appliances and devices including the Penn Composite Stent, the Atlas Cabriolet orthodontic retainer and a series of accelerated orthodontic devices which in 2015 received a prestigious grant from the NSW Department of Innovation.

Dr Penn established Penn College in 2014 and a specific faculty, The Postgraduate School of Dentistry in 2015.

He is also featured in the NBC Universal TV series, “Changing Faces” which showcases the latest aesthetic dento-facial procedures and presents a unique Australian interpretation to aesthetics.