Broaden your skillset and distinguish yourself from your colleagues by completing these state-of-the-art, nationally accredited courses at the School of Dentistry.

The Postgraduate School of Dentistry has developed and continues to develop courses for graduate dentists to further master and enhance their skillsets in various areas of general practice. These postgraduate qualifications can be achieved without taking invaluable time away from your home, family, and practice, as all practical and clinical assessments are performed on your own patients in your own clinic.

The finest educators and global leaders in each of these disciplines have been enlisted to produce what we believe to be the finest courses of their type in the world. The courses are all delivered completely in a state-of-the-art online format using technology and an e-learning platform that is totally interactive and unique to the Postgraduate School of Dentistry.

Dentists will receive the qualification of Graduate Diploma, which is a nationally recognized level 8 degree, positioned between a bachelor’s degree (level 7) and a master’s degree (level 9). Post-nominals of Grad. Dip of Aesthetic Ortho can be added to your qualifications.